• Liam
    Liam Crotty is an accomplished American wedding photographer living in Miami whose style is known for his ability to instantly connect with his subjects.  Liam continued his passion for photography as the Photoeditor of the Oldest College Yearbook in the United States at Yale University where he photographed many prominent people including: Jesse Jackson, Paul Newman and Liz Claiborne.
  • Diana
    Being fully aware that writing a self-description is 50 times as difficult as taking a selfie, or should I say a thousand times, but, here we go: I have more years of experience dealing with people in retail and service oriented businesses than most people my age. I am confident, outgoing, kind, honest, open-minded and fair. 
    • Erik
      Erik Lieux began his path towards professionally photographing over 10 years ago, and is enjoying every minute of it.  His photography has also been featured in various journals and publications with imagery featured on the cover of Miami Beach Magazine.  Known by clients for his professionalism and warm demeanor, Erik believes the photo experience, from start to finish should provide clients with an experience that is both enjoyable and memorable.
    • Nicole

      Hello! I’m Nicole, a South Florida Photographer specializing in real, poetic, love-filled photography.

      My passion and exposure to visual arts began as a child. My parents encouraging my creative interests with opportunities to play with endless art supplies, but my medium narrowed to photography as a teen. In the Spring of 2016 I completed my Bachelors in Fine Arts for Photography from Florida International University.

      School pushed my drive, passion, and desire to always be innovative and excited to see the way only I can. I’ve exhibited in shows, been featured in magazines, and collaborated with artists from around the world. 

      In my spare time I love scouting locations around Miami, trying new restaurants, and traveling the Caribbean.

    • Janel
      I am a photographic artist from Miami, Florida. I began making photographs in high school. It started as a hobby to capture memories, but the more I made photographs I began to realize the power a camera had to transform ideas and moments into visual magic. I create images that document scenarios that are real and that have been staged. I use both film and digital media, depending on the aesthetic I want to achieve for each scenario.
    • Silvia
      Coming from a background in digital design, studying in one of the best school in Barcelona. Silvia decided to upgrade from the digital world and move into photography. Boasting with over 10 years of experience working in fashion, portrait, and lifestyle photography, she has a well-rounded understanding of beauty and composure.  She can see a moment happening before it happens and in a click have it for your memories forever. Whether it’s planned or paparazzi style photos, she will capture your most memorable moments with precision and flair. 
    • Larissa
      Positive, Positive, Positive!

      Half brazilian, Half italian, I'm always smiling

      Passionate about movies, music, lyrics, scrapbooking...

      I bring all of these references to my look and style

      I'm a dog person, always helping other people and photography

      brings shine to my life