Barefoot on the beach… you feel the sand, the warmth of the sun, the music of the wind, the smell of the ocean. You experience your surroundings with all your senses. If you hold your lover’s hand, the poetic of the place intensifies. If you promise to hold your lover’s hand for the rest of your life, in that moment the ocean, the world, the universe belongs to you.

Krista and Mo had the ocean at their feet on October 3rd, 2015. A new chapter began in Krista and Mo’s lives with their barefoot beach wedding. Surrounded by their dear ones, they promised to love, cherish, and respect each other from that day forward.

Miami wedding photographer Diana had the pleasure of photographing Krista and Mo’s beach wedding at Ocean Pointe Resort Key Largo. She had so much fun working with the happy couple. “Each sneak peek the two ladies shared was filled with fervor and affection. Krista and Mo are crazy in love with each other.”

Wedding photographer Diana adored the venue that accommodated Krista and Mo’s beach wedding, Ocean Pointe Resort Key Largo. She was particularly impressed with the tropical décor, the privacy the beach offered, and the superb views overlooking the Atlantic ocean. “Krista and Mo’s beach wedding reminded me how much I love having the ocean in the background”-says Diana.

The ocean is not the only thing Diana explored with her camera. Ocean Pointe Resort Key Largo has a variety of beautiful vegetation, texture, and colors to capture. A wooden deck complements the scenery and offered the wedding photographer and the brides a new perspective over the landscape.

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