Hello Nobenson,
First of all, congrats on your wedding! Erik, and Ana said they had a great time!
Normally we deliver photos in three weeks, but we finished 16 days early!
Also, for a 5 wedding we deliver about 400 photos, but there were so many we loved you’re getting 705 photos!
The gallery photos contain watermark as a preview. Family and friends can also order prints, and enlargements. The photos are available for 30 days, and we can upload them a second time for just $20.
We are really happy with the results, and you both did really well!
Let me know if you would like a Dropbox link to download all your photos.





Wedding Gift Albums

We also offer “Parents” gift albums! These are a second copy of the same book with the exact same layout. You can get it at a reduced price since all the design work has already been made from your original album. Call us if you want to get one.


Wedding Prints: Specialty Printing 

We also offer archival-quality printing and enlargements. Watch this 90 second video to see our acrylic, canvas, and metal prints:



Questions? Contact Rosy at (786) 515-7462 or Production@LiamCrotty.com

Talk to you soon!