A cute bridal photoshoot we did for Rosy and George at the Ancient Spanish Monastery. Liam did their photoshoot, and this is what he has to say:

“That was a fun photoshoot! The weather was terrible that day I remember calling Rosie to say, “Hey do you want to reschedule?” but she wanted to go ahead anyway and we got some really good photos. The location Ancient Spanish Monastery is just beautiful. It’s a real Monastery that was taken apart in Spain and shipped over to the US and reassembled in Miami, it’s just gorgeous. So we got some nice getting ready photos, then we walked around the interior monastery. It’s the perfect location for a rainy day photo shoot. It’s one of the few locations in Miami where you can do a photoshoot and it’s covered but you still have really beautiful backdrops. Then at the very end we even got some nice photos just outside on the lawn. It stopped raining and we got a little bit in front of the the big banyan tree. What a great shoot.” – Liam 


Wedding venue: Ancient Spanish Monastery

Wedding day: May 17, 2018