“I learn something from each person that makes my camera click, whether it’s the meaning of love hidden in a stolen glance, or the meaning of happiness woven in a wedding dress. On October 17th, during an engagement photo shoot at South Pointe Beach, photographer Liam remembered the beauty of spontaneity.

Seeing Sam and Iris get lost in moments, laughing and living in front of his camera, was truly and inspiration for wedding photographer, Liam. “If there are two words I would use to describe Sam and Iris, those would be passionate and playful. If I was to attribute a motto to them, it would be: Seize the moment!”- says Liam. Sam and Iris had the day, the sunset and the night at their feet. They took advantage of each second we had together, and I took advantage of all the emotions they emanated”.

According to our wedding photographer, one moment Sam and Iris were the epitome of class, the next they were a pair of runaway teenage lovers. “I enjoyed capturing each and every side of their personalities they were willing to share during the engagement photo shoot”.

The lovely couple chose to have their engagement photo shoot at South Pointe Beach. The location is ripped out a photographer’s dream. South Pointe Beach provides a great vista of the ocean. Not only that, but the entire walk across its white sands is an adventure, an exploration. You never know what will steal your eye next, what rustling will delight your ears.

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