Hi Diane & Mauricio,

We see that you ordered a 8 x 8 Classic Hardcover Album

The red lines indicate an approximation of the album center.

These are your album previews….



(front cover)

(back cover)

2ND DRAFT – November 4, 2020

Pages 1-2


Pages 3-4


Pages 5-6


Pages 7-8


Pages 9-10


Pages 11-12


Pages 13-14


Pages 15-16


Pages 17-18


Pages 19-20


Pages 21-22


Pages 23-24


Pages 25-26


Pages 27-28


Pages 29-30




3 Rounds of editing:

1st draft – Sent on January 11th, 2021

Details for the album:

Album design: Classic

Cover photo: #14

Back cover photo: #8

Cover title:

Cardenal Family 2020

Please approve the album by writing back to us with the following text (copy and paste):

“I approve this final draft, and give permission to go to press. I understand reprinting would be at my expense.”


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