Hello Photo Album Editor,

Please use this as a guideline to design our wedding albums. If you have any questions contact Rosy at Production@LiamCrotty.com

  • We will provide 75 or less high resolution images.
  • Use all the photos the client selected, and use them as they are. Don’t make any changes to the image colors/editing.
  • Our albums have 30 pages. So we should receive from you 15 spreads/files. Please look at this sample.
  • Just create a template and dump in the photos if that saves you time (we have added the PSD files down below for the size we need).
  • Try to avoid people’s faces in the center/fold of the book.
  • Work in high resolution PSD format (again the PSD file is below).
  • But send us low resolution JPEGs with red lines in the center. We will use these to create a page, and include the previews to send to the client. Please look at this sample. Ideal low res are less than 300 KB with an image size of 1500 x 750.
  • Please have the first draft ready within 3 days in the morning (Miami time).
  • We give the client 3 rounds of drafts.
  • The job is completed once the client approves their album. We will let you know.
  • Once the job is completed we require the PSD files, and high resolution JPEGs without the red lines.


Two Styles

We give the client to choose between two layouts: Classic (white spaces between the images) or Modern (similar to a collage). We will let you know which one they chose.



PSD Files

Use these PSD files to know what size we need, and to include the red lines in the center. We should receive from you 15 spreads.

Click here for Dropbox link.


Album Video Sample

These are the albums we have delivered so far for previous clients. Watch a few videos for some ideas:


Please contact us if you have any questions!