Hello Photo Editor,

This is what we’d like done on all the wedding photos…


These are some guidelines for our 1st shooter photographers:


Before the Wedding

  • Contact the client two months in advance for their planning meeting. Check with us if they have a phone planning meeting instead of an in-person meeting. Schedule it one month in advance.


During a Wedding

  • Always work with two cameras. In case one stops working, you still have a back up.
  • Avoid flash shadows.
  • We want blue skies. Don’t wash out the sky to white/gray. Unless it’s a cloudy sky we understand.


After the Wedding

  • Photos are due in 10 days (edited + raw).
  • We require edited high resolution photos. They are about 6 MB or higher per photo.
  • We require a copy of all the edited and raw photos, both. We will confirm with you the total count once we receive them from you.
  • For small photoshoots you can send it to us via Dropbox or WeTransfer. For bigger photoshoots if this doesn’t work we will provide a mailer with a USB. Let us know if you need us to send you one, and what size.
  • Make sure to turn in everything on time to get paid. You will get paid after we receive the edited and unedited photos.
  • Payday is every two weeks but we send a payday reminder to the whole team a few days before.


Photo Editing

Edit more on the light side. The Black/White’s and Sepia make them light and not dark. We like crisp photos so probably do some clarity and sharpening.

Fix the following or any other corrections you think are necessary…

NOTE: For UpWork editors we will do the image selection so you don’t have to do this. We will send Lightroom Smart Previews.

  • Alignment – Straight lines. Basically fix the alignment on backgrounds like buildings, horizons, beach water, etc.
  • Cropping – Any unwanted spaces like ceiling, floor, or sides where you see necessary
  • Exposure
  • Contrast
  • Highlights – Don’t erase the wedding dress details. Make them visible by making highlights a bit dark.
  • White balance
  • Color correction – Liam likes a LOT of color saturation – “Miami color”
  • Red eye removal
  • Sharpening
  • Noise reductions
  • Eye & Teeth whitening – Close-up shots of the bride/groom if necessary
  • Light Skin “Softening” – Close-up shots of the bride/groom to remove some blemishes, and wrinkles if necessary
  • Pick the “money-shots” and do different versions on the editing. Please see down below to see samples…


“Money Shots”

This is what we do with the “money-shots”:

Pick photos that stand out and that you think the client will like (it’s usually the couple shots) and include different variations of the same photo. Include the edited version but have fun with the artistic edits. So add about 3 variations on each photo that you think is worth it. For the sample below it was one of the editor’s favorite photos so the client received: edited photo, desaturated, B&W, and black vignette.

Try some of these artistic edits: Desaturated, B&W, sepia, black vignette, white vignette, crop closer, use Lightroom presets, etc.


Black & White – B&W – we like a good “tonal range” – the whites are really white, the blacks are black with lots of gradients of grey in between.  We don’t like black & white photos that have a low tonal range and look “muddy.”

Example of good black & white tonal range:

example of good tonal range
example of good tonal range (not our shot, just an example)

example of good tonal range (not our shot, just an example)

bad tonal range i.e. appears "muddy" (not our shot)
bad tonal range i.e. appears “muddy” (not our shot)


Detail – If it is obvious that we “chopped off” the bride/groom’s heads, it is because we intended that shot as a “close-up” or “detail” shot. Please crop even tighter if you think it will look better. For example, putting on the rings, we often shot really tight to show the hands.


Silhouette – If we severely under exposed an image (but selected it and sent it to you), and there is a clear sky in the background, we intended that shot as a silhouette shot. Please don’t try to correct the exposure. Examples:

A recent wedding we did at Vizcaya



Image Altering – this is not included in your base price. Examples include: weight reduction or “slimming”, neck tucks, extreme wrinkle reduction, tattoo removal, head or eye swaps, adding or removing people or objects from images, or extensive cosmetic image enhancement.


Please contact Rosy at Office@LiamCrotty.com if you have any questions!