Alyssa and Johnnie exchanged their vows on a beautiful day of September, promising to respect, love and treasure each other for the rest of their lives. Enamored with the ocean, captivated by its mysterious waters and tireless waves, Alyssa and Johnnie decided to have the Atlantic Ocean witness their union. The couple chose a secluded island, that prides itself in having turquoise water all around, Duck Key.

Packed with his camera, and lots of enthusiasm, wedding photographer Liam was ready to immortalize every magical moment of this island destination wedding. “Alyssa and Johnnie were blessed with an incredible weather”, says Liam. “A gorgeous blue sky and calm waters fashioned a breath-taking scenery for their wedding photography”, he added.

On her way to the altar, Alyssa locked eyes with her future husband, and with that look they communicated more that words could ever capture. “In that one moment, two souls merged. As a wedding photographer, I am privileged to see such intense emotions.”

The couple chose Hawks Cay Resort for their island destination wedding, “one of the nicest wedding resorts in all of the Keys“, according to wedding photographer Liam. Hawks Cay Resort offered Alyssa everything a bride could have wanted from her island destination wedding: superb views to steal the heart of every guest, and professional, attentive staff, that went above and beyond to make her wedding memorable.

“Alyssa is that kind of nice, understanding bride; a pleasure to be around. She was receptive and flexible and so easy to work with”, says Liam. “I had an amazing time, and I am honored she chose me to shoot their island destination wedding”

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