Hi Daimi!

Congrats on the news :))

You must be so excited, and we are happy for you too!


What do you have in mind?

Call me when you get a chance. I called and left voicemail :))



View some of our gallery samples…

Site maternity gallery

Site newborn gallery

Facebook baby album

Facebook maternity album


Phone app samples:

Newborn Aviana

Baby Christian

Baby #2


Album video sample:

Maternity + baby shower + newborn shoot in one album


What do we provide?

We have a portable studio available with some portable backdrops. Diana is really good with babies, and she’s the most experienced baby photographer from our team. You can looks at our samples to see how the photos turn out. The portable studio can be done in the comfort of your home living room or bedroom.


Convenience of doing newborn shoot in your home…

  • The perfect way for mom to stay home with the baby in the comfort of their home
  • Moms prefer to do it at home
  • More convenient to change clothes, you have everything there
  • It’s ideal to keep the baby warm, change of clothes, feeding time
  • No need to pack to go out


Recommended time?

The recommended time is about 1 hour in case the baby is crying, or needs feeding.


Who’s allowed during the newborn shoot?

For newborn photoshoots we ask that that no else attends besides the parents. When there’s more family members it creates distraction for the baby.



What’s the quote?

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