“There is never a time or place for love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single… throbbing moment ”- Sarah Dessen. For some love grows out of friendship, for others it only takes a smile; for Natalie, it only took a glance. When she first saw Carlos, she knew.

Natalie met Carlos at a dance studio in March 2006. She came with a friend to learn salsa, he was the instructor. Natalie told her friend: “He will be my next boyfriend!”, to which the friend replied: “You’re crazy!”. Natalie managed to dance her way into Carlos’ heart, and after a few sessions, he asked her out. 

The two shared a strong passion and love for dancing and soon developed the same passion for each other. As time passed, it became clear for Natalie and Carlos that they found their life-long dancing partner.

Natalie and Carlos exchanged their vows on June 5th, 2015 at the Red Fish Grill. Wedding photographer Diana Sarmiento, had the honor of photographing the wedding of “two of the nicest people ever”, as she describes them.

The choice of a wedding venue, Red Fish Grill, came as a surprise to the future bride and groom. As Natalie relates it: “My mother and aunt picked the wedding venue. We had no idea where it would be. When they finally told us they chose Red Fish Grill, we were more than happy! It was perfect because on our 7th year anniversary he had taken me to dinner there as a surprise.”

For Natalie and Carlos, the most emotional moment of their wedding day was the ceremony. “We didn’t have any chairs for sitting during the ceremony. All of our friends and family were standing around us. When we looked back it felt like everyone was part of the ceremony. We felt so loved!”, remembers Natalie.

Carlos and Natalie danced their first dance as husband and wife on “Blue”-Beyonce.  The perfect song for a “jaw-dropping salsa routine”, says Diana, impressed with the couple’s choreography.

Natalie would like to thank everyone that attested her and Carlos’ wedding at Red Fish Grill. “Without you there, our day wouldn’t have been so special”. The bride would also like to thank Jessica, her sister, and maid of honor. “She helped keep all my crazy aunts and my mother organized! I love her very much! She is the best!”.

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