This is how Becky started her relationship with us:


We are getting married Wednesday, September 5, 2018. It will be at the Naples Wedding Barn. I just started planning and everything is going smooth! The Wedding/Reception will last 5 hours and would love for you to be there probably 6-7 hours. We will have approximately 75-100 guests.
We are on a limited budget and would like to inquire pricing for your services.

Thank You,
Becky and Nate

“With a rustic feel and modern comforts  the wedding barn was a great place To shoot Becky and needs wedding. Becky was so lovely and excited about her big day, it was easy to get a lot of fantastic moments. Nate was also very excited and with all the parents in attendance, the excitement was seen through the generations. It even included a few photos with the couple and a horse! Rustic wonderland. Congrats again to Becky & Nate!” – Erik

“For me as a cinematographer, been able to capture true moments like the love of Becky & Nate, it’s what makes wedding cinematography so beautiful. Their wedding was very special, full of love and happiness from family and friends.” – Alex


Wedding video at Naples Wedding Barn:


Wedding venue: Naples Wedding Barn

Wedding date: September 5, 2018