Inside Vizcaya Estate: A New Way to Experience A Classic Part of Elegant, Extravagant Miami


an archway surrounded by palms and other flora inside Vizcaya Estate
Archway and Flora Inside Vizcaya Estate

Wedding Photo & Video by Liam | At Vizcaya Estate

Every year, we shoot many beautiful, memorable events, including a multitude of weddings, at the Vizcaya estate.

Take a look at our collection of the beautiful variety of settings and backdrops at Vizcaya!

It has become one of the most popular venues in Miami, sitting conveniently in Coconut Grove.

A historical estate including many cultural aspects from all over the globe, Vizcaya has been a fixture in the landscape of Southern Miami for over a century.

With its majestic architecture and magical gardens on Biscayne Bay, the Vizcaya Estate truly is a stunning venue for weddings.

A bride stands in the middle doorway of an old stonework gateway in Vizcaya Gardens
Beautiful Bridal Shot From Vizcaya Gardens

Vizcaya At-A-Glance: The History

Vizcaya estate, now known officially as the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, consists of an estate of 50 acres: 10 acres of Italian Renaissance formal gardens, and 40 acres of native jungle forest.

The Main House in total is 45,225 square feet and contains 54 rooms, of which 34 decorated rooms are open to the public. 

Vizcaya was built in Miami, primarily between 1914 and 1922, by both local workers and European and Bahamian craftsmen.

Built with an open-air courtyard and extensive gardens on Biscayne Bay, Vizcaya combined imported French and Italian garden layouts and elements of Cuban limestone stonework with Floridian coral architectural trim and planted with native plants.

In 1952, Miami-Dade County acquired the villa and formal Italian gardens, and, in 1994 the Vizcaya estate was designated as a National Historic Landmark.

In 1987, Vizcaya was the venue where President Ronald Reagan received Pope John Paul II on his first visit to Miami.

Vizcaya is operated by the non-profit Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Trust, and owned and supported by Miami-Dade County.

aerial footage of the Vizcaya Estate, including a view of the Bay and barge.
Aerial View of the Bay Side of Vizcaya Estate

New Opportunities in Old Miami

Beginning this year, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens has begun offering Premium Indoor Permits, which allow for exclusive photography inside the 45,225 square foot Main House.

Last week, on October 22nd, 2021, Director of Visitor Experience at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Katie Kapczynski, declared:

We are excited to announce that we will be testing new Premium Indoor Permits. We will be offering for the first time the opportunity to photograph inside the Main House.

…This permit will provide nearly private access to the gardens … and limited guided access inside select rooms of the Main House

…accessible areas include Main Stairs, Courtyard, Entrance Loggia, East Loggia, and Enclosed Loggia.

permits allow only 5 people per party … and are only currently available on Saturdays from November 6th through December 18th.”

With this exciting new announcement, we look forward to the opportunity to view and photography the inside of this historic, old Miami location.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens has added another incredible location to their already formidable collection at the beautifully photogenic venue.


To schedule your once-in-a-lifetime shoot inside the beautiful, historic Vizcaya Estate Main House, call us today!  Capture the magnificent historic architecture and your unique experience all in one fell swoop.

A limestone stairway ascends to a landing with a multi-colored stained glass window, ornate lanterns frame either side
Stairway Ascending Inside Vizcaya’s Main House