Night photography!

 The sheer mention of the term might paint an image of a romantic dark sky in your mind or one that is dazzling with a million twinkling stars. Now, when you, as a photographer, consider doing night photography at weddings, you might envision stunning portraits of your couple against the dramatic night sky. Creatively taken nighttime couple images could make for unique and memorable photos of your couples.

If you are having an outdoors ceremony, don’t forget that you can also take pictures at night. Night wedding photos look incredible with string lights in background, sparklers or moonlight. Even if it’s raining, it gives you opportunity to do great shoots! Don’t let anyone tell you its worth cutting down on wedding photography.

Night time photography can be extremly romantic with the natural backround or with some decorative string lighting. Night shots are very different from traditional day time photos, there’s always a chance you can snap a once in a moment shot that you will cherish for the rest of your lives!