The Palms Hotel in Miami’s South Beach is one of the most popular and famous wedding destinations in all South Florida.

As wedding photographers we are lucky because we get to govto some of the nicest locations all over florida and other destinations and the Palms Hotel is one of our favorites.

From the minute you walk onsite you feel transported back into this different era — the art deco area of South Beach.

The hotel has been wonderfully restored — everywhere you look is just a wonderful background for photography.  We usually start out in one of the suites —  the bride and the groom are in different suites getting ready.

The views from up above are incredible.  You have the ocean.  You have the ceremony area; the board walk; so you can see everything taking place below as they are setting up for the ceremony

Then we move on to the getting ready photos and we love using the gazebo and back yard area for wedding dress shots, shoe shots, accessory photos etc.

Then you move on to the processional and every angle on the precessional is fantastic and the background of the ceremony as great the recessional works beautifully and then you move on to formal photos.

Formal photos at a wedding are the family photos, the bridal party and the couple photos.  There are so many different areas at the Palms that are really diverse and different.  You can go down to the beach.  You can go to the rocks.  You can use the boardwalk  — they just make really awesome formal photos and then as you get to the reception area is this old, again, art deco, vintage, looking reception area, it makes for great photos.

And then finally if it’s a night time wedding, we get out and we do some more wedding photos outside, in the dark, at the gazebo, which is really cool, with wonderful background lighting.

So, these are just some of the reasons why the Palms Hotel is one of our favorite wedding destinations in Miami.