August 21st, 2015 will remain engraved into Andrea’s memory as one of the most incredible days of her life. What started as an ordinary day, brought with it a grandiose change. Andrea went from “my love” to “my fiancee”. Wedding photographer Cristina Rivera had the joy and honor of capturing the surprise proposal at Bill Baggs State Park.

Friday morning, enthusiasm, fervor and a hundred other emotions took over Robert. But, it there’s one emotion he felt more acutely, that was certainty. For Robert, there were no doubts. Andrea was the woman he wanted to share his life with.

Certainty was ever-present. Robert knew he needed to offer Andrea a surprise proposal she can’t possibly refuse; the surprise proposal she deserved. He spend a lot of time thinking, researching and planing. Finally, he came up with an equally romantic and creative proposal idea.

The couple’s surprise proposal story starts with a lighthouse, continues with colorful sand and ends with a ring. Climbing up the spiral staircase of the Florida Cape Lighthouse, Robert felt his excitement levels grew with every step.

The Florida Cape Lighthouse at Bill Baggs State Park was closed for visitors. However, Robert succeed to have it open for this special occasion. There was no one but them and wedding photographer Cristina. The silence and the sound of their steps intensified the anticipation and emotion of the moment.

When the couple reached the balcony, Andrea looked down. At the foot of the lighthouse, a colorful sand sculpture drew her attention. Four words composed a heart warming message: “Will you marry me?” When she turned to Robert, he was already in one knee, holding a ring in his hands. Andrea said YES.

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