Meet some of our wonderful team of photographers, and videographers!



Hi, I am Carlos, but you can call me Abaunza, everyone does! I’m a Miami Wedding Photographer capturing beautiful, natural wedding photography across Miami, the South Florida and throughout the US. I enjoy capturing the happiness, laughter, passion, and beauty with my natural and relaxed approach, working closely with you to create natural images.



Hi Y’all! I am Ita – a mom and memories preserver in the family ?.

Photography has always been my passion since I can remember. Although I veered off the path in my early adult life, I’m so glad to be able to get back to it for the last several years.  I love meeting people and getting to know their stories.   That interest reflects in my photography style.  The instant moments along with any raw emotions or  feelings involved, are the aspects of photography that I am interested in capturing.  Hopefully it would become another memory that people love to look back on and cherish the stories behind it.


I’m a graduate from Ringling College with a BA in photography. I’ve had the privilege of creating photographs for the past 10 years. During my time in College I had a chance to try new ways to use my creativity and expand my skills. One subject that caught my attention was working with people, capturing people’s story and sharing a unique moment through Portrait photography.  I love being able to provide my clients with pictures they can enjoy for years to come.


My photography career started out almost 20 years ago working for nightclub promoters photographing the action of the NYC nightlife, where I am from, and was nominated 3 years in a row as best nightlife photographer by the L magazine. I also worked for several realtors and had my work featured in the NY Post and other NYC publications.  I quickly transitioned to weddings which has always been my passion.  I have been in South Florida for the last 5 years and with 15 years of experience photographing weddings, my approach is simple, capture the day as it happens. I’m all about telling your story, the real version. I am not intrusive and like to blend in. I want your experience to be memorable, for all the right reasons. The way I do this is to work closely with you to understand your wedding and your story to be sure I reflect you as a couple on camera.  I just want the photographs to reflect your day in its truest form.
My images are real, raw & romantic.  
Other than photography, I love shooting pool, going to concerts, the beach, SCUBA diving, and exploring all of the different cultures of Miami.


Photographers For Weddings

Hello! I’m Nicole, a South Florida Photographer specializing in real, poetic, love-filled photography.

My passion and exposure to visual arts began as a child. My parents encouraging my creative interests with opportunities to play with endless art supplies, but my medium narrowed to photography as a teen. I completed my Bachelors in Fine Arts for Photography from Florida International University.

School pushed my drive, passion, and desire to always be innovative and excited to see the way only I can. I’ve exhibited in shows, been featured in magazines, and collaborated with artists from around the world.

In my spare time I love scouting locations around Miami, trying new restaurants, and traveling the Caribbean.



I have had the privilege of working in front of the cameras for 18 years, and now I work behind the camera. I have an Associate in Photography. I’d like to think my photography style is driven towards fashion. I am always looking for that one image that is so striking, it could make the magazine cover, or an entire spread.


My name is Inta…and I am a wedding photographer based in South Florida. I was born and raised in the small country Latvia in Europe. During highschool I got bit by the photography bug, especially those black & whites. I graduated college with a masters in Economics and worked in many advertising agencies as project manager and did lead design in printing departments for several years. I started photographing weddings in 2007 while living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Chicago. Graduated from Chicago Photography School and started assisting one of my teachers, then I fell in love…with my husband, ocean, summer, and palm trees, and I moved to Florida in 2009. My wedding photography approach is a mix of the beauty of traditional film techniques alongside modern digital technologies. I seek to capture each moment and smile with the best light, while helping pose so we can make the magic happen. I’m passionate about details.


I was born in Venezuela, Valencia. I always loved to take photographs. I always offer to take pictures of my friends. And they started to tell me that I was good at it. I never saw myself as a photographer. I felt incapable. But here, a new country, a new life, I said to myself, “why not?” Everyone knows equipment is not cheap. So I save, and purchase my first professional camera. I was out of money, so I started to learn online with free courses. People would start to pay me for taking pictures (crazy right?) After a while, I said. Ok. Let’s make this profesional. I quit my job. I was taking a lot of risk. I put all my effort in creating a photography company. I invested in good photography studies, and went to Miami Dade College and Focus Studio, to really learn about this profession. I even tattooed a camera on my arm. And all of the sudden, photography became my life.  Something I cannot believe it. I still feel the girl who loves to travel and founds in photography a moment to free myself, express my creativity and just feel good.


My romance with photography began about ten years ago; I picked up a camera and fell in love with what I could capture and create.
Over the years my passion has only gotten stronger as my knowledge expands and creativity matures. I’m a bit of a picture hoarder, which I guess makes sense.
I’m obsessed with all the little details – and for me, that’s what seeing the big picture is all about.
I love being able to help Brides & Grooms feel at ease for their big day.


Let me introduce myself! I’m Melissa, and when I’m not photographing gorgeous weddings, one place you can probably find me at is church.
Above all else, God is my Rock and Foundation. He is the source of my success and joy, and the reason I am who I am today.

About 15 years ago, I was taking a Film Photography class in high school. We were assigned old film cameras, and it was a step up from my mom’s “point-and-shoot.” Creating artwork in a dark room was exciting! 1 year later, I went to University for a more economical degree in Music Education (Flutist and musician at heart). It was then that I realized I would rather practice art than teach it.

In 2013, some friends requested me to photograph their wedding. I had never done it before, and frankly, I was scared as heck!

But they believed in me.

Then came their wedding day. I was with the couple every single step of the way and it was then that I fell in love with weddings. The electricity that permeated the atmosphere was intoxicating. The scenery of florals and sheers left my creative senses in awe. But the best part of that day was having the opportunity to make my friends’ wedding day the best ever.

Since that day, I have made it my goal to make every couple my number one priority on their special day.
Everyone deserves to have a ‘best day of their life’, and I want to be there to make it happen.


Best Wedding Photographers In Miami

Erik began his path towards professionally photographing over 10 years ago, and is enjoying every minute of it. His photography has also been featured in various journals and publications with imagery featured on the cover of Miami Beach Magazine. Known by clients for his professionalism and warm demeanor. Erik believes the photo experience, from start to finish should provide clients with an experience that is both enjoyable and memorable.




Hello hello! I’m Taylor.

My involvement with the camera actually began within the frame. As a child I made appearances in films and was able to observe the process behind the scenes. I felt my calling, took off editing, and also found a passion writing music and composing films. 

To combine my love of music with my love of film, I started wedding videography that used the magic of music to bring special ceremonies to life. The joy, the love, and the raw emotions of a wedding day are truly unparalleled and I believe that every couple deserves to have their story told in a beautiful and timeless way.



Hello my name is Antonio or Tony I’ve been doing professional videography and editing for over 7 years. Videography is a passion of mine that I made into a career. I currently hold two bachelors degrees and I am working on my Masters. If you do something you love you will never work a day in your life.



Hi I’m Eric!
I was born in Manhattan and now I live in Miami with my beautiful wife and my little furry “Coffee”.
I love to capture the magical moments of each wedding.
I began this beautiful experience of being a wedding videographer in 2012 and every day I feel that I’m learning more about the purest feeling of the human being “LOVE”.


Hi Robert here!

I found my passion in videography in 2014, and started by creating travel films and slowly progressed as a videographer. I worked on many different products and with many different amazing creators. Two years ago, I was accepted into film school in Boston and always believed that was my end goal in life. But over time I came to realize that I was so in love with creating beautiful love stories for couples. I was studying to become a Film Director but found my passion in creating breathtaking Wedding Films. I love seeing the smiles on couples faces on their most important day! It is truly a blessing to be able to create the couple’s love story in a film and I couldn’t be more glad to have this opportunity.


I am a cinematographer of 6 years. Passionate about capturing moments through the lens of my camera. I truly enjoy making people smile when they see the memories I have helped them create.



I started my filmmaker journey specifically for wedding videography back in 2015 but I’ve always admired the ability to capture unforgettable moments and tell an exclusive, intimate story through the lens of a camera. I wholeheartedly consider myself an artist that loves life and I put that same passion and creativity into all of our wedding films. I’m forever grateful for every couple that allows us to tell their special love story and I believe service is the best way for me to repay the highest for blessing me with an open mind and heart.


Hi, this is Veronica, I’m a Colombian, A mother in love with my little son Matthew and my 4 paws son Coffee.

Thanks to the passion with which my husband works, I started filming and sharing love stories around the world through my camera.



Hi, I’m Jared. A Florida based photographer/videographer with an identity crisis.

I’ve never been able to limit myself to one particular type of photography, and I actually enjoy the variety.

Jared is a very accomplished fashion, wedding and event photographer and videographer. 



I am a photographer/videographer originally from MD but now living in FL. I am a father, husband, and doggy daddy.

I love being a part of a couple’s special day, and love getting to know, and bringing their vision to life as well.

I think of myself as more of the artsy creative type, and love exploring new couple’s and environments.




Although Liam only shoots a select, few weddings each year, he does oversee every step of your wedding photography & videography from: training his team, scheduling your planning meeting, image selection, editing & retouching. His Team has photographed hundreds of weddings all over Florida, in 6 U.S. states and 6 countries full time for 13 years.

Would you like to add Liam as your Lead photographer?

Learn more here.

Victoria – Office Manager


Hello!! I’m Victoria but I also go by Vicky.

I’m originally from Ft. Lauderdale and moved to the west coast in 2018. I have always loved photography and videography. Some of my hobbies are traveling, sewing, and gardening. I have always lived in Florida and have a love for the beach and sunsets. 

Toni – Former Office Manager

Hello! My name is Toni and I am the office manager here at Photo & Video by Liam. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts. Specializing in photography and digital media.  

My first job in photography was as a studio Manager for Glamour Shots, I am trained as a professional portrait photographer and I have managed other local photography studios.
I love having a job where I get to be creative every day! I also have work experience as a makeup artist and as a custom picture framer, but photography has and always will be my first and truest love!

Sammi – Former Office Manager

My romance with photography began about ten years ago; I picked up a camera and fell in love with what I could capture and create.
Over the years my passion has only gotten stronger as my knowledge expands and creativity matures. I’m a bit of a picture hoarder, which I guess makes sense.
I’m obsessed with all the little details – and for me, that’s what seeing the big picture is all about.
I love being able to help Brides & Grooms feel at ease for their big day.

Daniella – Former Office Manager

Hello! I’m Daniella.
I was born and raised in Miami, Florida.
I started working at the office in January of 2019 as an office assistant and became the office manager in November!
My hobbies include traveling and photography, and I’m also a huge animal lover! 🙂

Katherine – Former Office Manager


Hi I’m Katherine,
I’m from Venezuela and I came to Miami 2 years ago.
I love going to the beach here.
I’m a volunteer foster mom to kittens for Miami Dade Animal Services.
And I enjoy fashion and photos.

Rosy-Former Office Manager

rMiami Wedding Photographers & videographers

Rosy served as office manager starting in the fall of 2016 and worked with us for two and a half years. She was extremely dedicated and a social media expert, greatly improving our youtube channel. Thanks for your hard work Rosy!!


Our hard-working team in some of the behind scenes of weddings. Check it out…


Liam capturing wedding photos at the Women’s Club of Coconut Grove for Sarah.



Covering video for Melissa and Deniz.


Photographer Liam with his friend and neighbor Frances. Frances and Roberto got married at The Palms Hotel & Spa.


Liam posing for a test shot during a wedding. This is to get the right lighting, or skin colors before starting to shoot for the clients.


Our team photographer Nicole as the lead shooter for Danielle and Kevin. Here she’s working along with JP the 2nd videographer, and Antonio as 1st lead videographer.


Left to right: Liam main photographer, Diana lead shooter, and Nicole as second shooter. All set and ready to start shooting for the clients.


Team Xmas Lunch – December 2018

Every year Liam plans a team Christmas lunch. Some of the team members were able to make it. Rosy helped with choosing a location, and inviting the team members.


From left to right: Colleen photographer, Dave photographer, Liam main photographer, Rosy office/production manager, Alex photographer, and Nicole photographer.


From left to right: Alex photographer, Nicole photographer, Colleen photographer, Liam main photographer, Rosy office/production manager, and Dave photographer.

Rosy’s Surprise Lunch – October 2018 

Rosy was turning two years of working with Liam. So Liam planned a surprise team lunch without Rosy knowing. That day Nicole passed by the office to drop off photos, and to Rosy’s surprise Nicole was at the restaurant minutes later! Indian food is Rosy’s favorite international cuisine. Liam also bought for Rosy two vegan cupcakes, one vanilla, and one chocolate that was shared with the whole table. We had a nice meal at Bombay Darbar in Coconut Grove


From left to right: Rosy Production Manager, Liam Main Photographer, Dave Photographer, Alex Videographer, and Nicole Photographer.

Rosy’s Birthday Surprise – March 2018

Rosy’s birthday is on March 28th but Liam organized a birthday surprise meal on March 27th. Rosy had no idea! Liam invited the whole team, but only Nicole was able to attend. Liam gave Rosy a vegan chocolate cake. We had a nice meal at Greenstreet Cafe in Coconut Grove!


Top left photo, left to right: Nicole Photographer, Rosy Office Manager, and Liam Main Photographer.

Team Xmas Brunch – December 2017 

A nice brunch with the team at Bombay Darbar in Coconut Grove.


Left to right: Nicole Photographer, Rosy Office Manager, Liam Main Photographer, and Erik Photographer. Missing from here: Diana Photographer, Alex Photographer, Antonio Videographer, and Chris Videographer.

Team Xmas Brunch – December 2016

A pleasant brunch with the whole team at the Biltmore Hotel.


From left to right: Manny Videographer, Liam Main Photographer, Rosy Office Manager, Rebecca Photographer, Diana Photographer, Janel Photographer and her cute baby!, Erik Photographer, and Nicole Photographer.