On September 4th, two wedding photographers, Liam Crotty and Cristina Rivera, had the honor of shooting a wedding at Bill Baggs Key Biscayne. In a visually dynamic and auditory seductive scenery, Yuliya and Vlad exchanged their vows.

Nature crafted a stunning background for Yuliya and Vlad’s wedding at Bill Baggs. The soft breeze of Florida’s Atlantic Ocean, passing through the green foliage, accompanied by the sound of its waves gently crashing against the rocks, orchestrated a euphonious symphony.

The blue skies gained a dramatic nuance with the arrival of the clouds. The water of the ocean seemed to have darkened, while the Florida Cape lighthouse appeared to dominate its surroundings.

Neither the wedding photographers nor the newlyweds felt discouraged by the change in weather. According to Liam, “Yuliya and Vlad were positive and easy going. Even when it started raining during their wedding ceremony, they still remained composed and happy”.

Yuliya and Vlad chose to have their wedding at Bill Baggs Key Biscayne. The location gained the hearts of many brides thanks to its historic lighthouse, the oldest standing structure in Miami-Dade County, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

After the wedding at Bill Baggs, the entire party headed to El’eat Restaurant and Lounge. The venue prides itself with “chefs that lend their souls in every culinary masterpiece” and with “hospitable staff that cater to your every whim”.

“With some wedding clients you create an instant connection”, says Liam. “When I met Yuliya for the first time I just knew we will have a great time. My intuition was on point. I loved doing their wedding photography.”

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