Some weddings are memorable for their originality, some for their décor, some for their festivities. Chris and Genevieve’s wedding at recording studio SIR, was that kind of remarkable event that encompassed all, and inspired through its individuality.

Wedding photographer, Janel Kilnisan, had the pleasure and honor of immortalizing the “one-of-a-kind event”, as she describes it. “Chris and Genevieve’s wedding at recording studio SIR was nothing far from phenomenal. I was taken away by the vibe SIR-Miami created; an elegant rock and roll theme.”

According to Janel, the venue and décor completely surpassed her expectations. The wedding photographer was impressed with how SIR-Miami was able to turn a completely black recording studio into an inviting and classy space, fit for such an event.

The decor was sophisticated, delicate and daring at the same time. The intense contrast between the black room and the white details and outfits infused the wedding with a timeless elegance. Professional and detail oriented, SIR Miami fashioned a wedding that suited the couple’s personality perfectly.

According to Janel, “Genevieve and Chris seemed to be a very relaxed, laid-back and fun couple. Janel was impressed with “the strong bond the couple seemed to share. I felt they were not only lovers, but best friends”.

The wedding photographer had a great time at Chris and Genevieve’s wedding at recording studio SIR. The bride and groom were pleasurable to work with, and comfortable to be around. “Their happiness and enthusiasm was intoxicating”, says Janel. “I had an amazing time shooting their wedding”, she added.

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