Spur of the Moment Ranch

 24700 SW 152nd Ave, Homestead, FL 33032

Spur Of The Moment Ranch is a family owned property located in the tranquil Redland Agriculture District.  Started out as a working barn with stables and horses and an array of other farm animals, as well as a productive Longan fruit grove. Over time, it has transformed it into a little slice of Heaven, which has been cherished by many. So, we felt that it would only be right to open the gates of our rural haven to share with those looking to cement important moments in their lives. Today we are thrilled to share our piece of paradise with folks looking to “Get Hitched” among other special events. Throughout the grounds are various locations where ceremonies, events, and special occasions can be held and celebrated. Our property is a photographer’s paradise where Rustic Country meets Tropical Oasis.



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