Wedding photographers Erik and Liam had the honor of shooting a magnificent wedding. On June 5th, Masimba may have been the happiest man in the world. Denise took his hand and name, becoming Mrs. Mutamba.

The couple met at the University of Miami School of Law. Masimba was in the orientation committee, on a panel discussion for admitted students. Denise, a student to be, listened attentively and quietly, intrigued by Masimba’s voice and… his dimples. After the panel Q&A’s Denise approached him.

A few month passed by before Masimba received a Facebook message from Denise swearing that she’s wasn’t stalking him, but was wondering if he had time to meet and catch up. In Masimba’s words, “Every day since then has felt like hanging out with the best, funniest, most full-of-life person I’ve ever known.”

The couple got engaged on Saturday, November 30, 2013. While out to dinner, Denise discovered a mature rosebud and a ring staring at her from the dessert plate. Read the amazing proposal story, as told by Masimba, here.

Denise and Masimba’s wedding was infused with energy and laughter. “Smiles were ever-present. It’s a pleasure to see couples celebrating with such joy, and loving with such passion”, says Liam, one of the wedding photographers.

The wedding photographers’ favorite moment was when Denise, a dancing enthusiast, surprised her groom with a customized dance. Later on, she amazed everyone with another dance she performed with her sorority sisters.

For Masimba, the most memorable moment of the wedding was during the ceremony. “We were saying our vows, when one of those mobile, self-pedaling bars went by. Everyone yelled and cheered. Denise and I gave them a fist-raised cheer right back! That incident is what the two of us are about- living a spontaneous life and jubilantly celebrating every moment of it!”, affirms the groom.

To host their reception and wedding, the couple choose Josephine Leiser Opera Center in Ft. Lauderdale. Both wedding photographers and the couple were impressed with the venue. According to the groom, “The venue gave us the unique Florida wedding feeling we wanted to offer our guests.”

Denise and Masimba had a wonderful experience with their wedding photographers. “Liam had the perfect vision of how we wanted our wedding captured. The best thing about the pictures are how vibrant and colorful they are”, says Masimba. “The second wedding photographer, Erik, is my boy. I feel like he’s one of the guys now.”

The newlyweds would like to give “a big and humble thank you to the Best Man Mark and Groomsman Griffin, and to Nyasha , Munya and Kate. Also, a big shout out to the Maid of Honor Shelonda.” One last thank you from Masimba to “the Sisters of Sigma Gamma Rho for making such a strong showing to their sister’s wedding and for welcoming a brother to the family.”

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