Judge Sarah Zabel ended her court session by lifting the ban from same-sex marriages in Florida’s county Miami-Dade. Her announcement of ending the ban left the same sex couple in ultimate feeling of happiness. End of the ban on same-sex marriages paved way for them for a new, legal married life. The historic court house of Miami was full of the same sex couples and the advocates. Every couple was deeply cherished and smiling for the victory of their right to marry, and they called this right as a civil right.



The United States of America is considered the biggest democratic union of states where a citizen can enjoy the extreme pleasure and liberty of living with one’s own wish.  The political, economic and social conditions of the country are ideal for its citizen which is the main reason that people from all across the globe migrate to US. The state claims to have a democratic rule which means government of the people, by the people and for the people. Thus democracy demands justice and rights for its citizen which they claim to have. Democracy also priors its citizen who are in the minority wings as all humans are equal to democratic rule, white or black, rich or poor and same-sex couples as well.

Law of the state is the ultimate and sovereign authority which is above to all. While the court room was cherished with the announcement of ban uplift from same-sex marriage, it was the legal liberty for the couple to get married and live the life for which they had been struggling and waiting for long years. Society and the social environment we live in, is no doubt very advanced and modern but still it takes time to accept some unnatural things. Same case was seen when an opposite-sex couple was planning to get married. Routine preparations were going on as per plan and they hired a photography team to capture the crux of their big day. The moments of marriage are very special for everyone, either a same sex couple or opposite. If a couple truly understand the happiness they have, they start respecting other’s happiness and feel pleasure in that.


It doesn’t always go as planned for us as photographers

The bride who was getting married fired the wedding photography company just for the reason that she came to know, they supported Gay marriage.   This was very immoral and strange that a company offering professional services was kicked out of contract just for supporting a cause which was later declared as legal in Miami. FL.  The niche of this writing is not that she kicked them off for a legal or illegal act but the point raised is why the bride not respecting the love of that same sex couple. In their message, the bride wrote to the photography company, it was said that she and her fiancé are in favor of and support the traditional opposite-sex weddings and this is bothers her that the company supports same-sex marriage:




Soon after the announcement of ban lift from same-sex marriages, many women and men got married.  Those who had challenged the ban were crying of the joy and victory they received. Catherine Pareto and Karla Arguello were the two same-sex partners who made the first wedding after the court’s agreement for legal right for same-sex marriage. They both came for the court hearing in the wedding dresses. Both female partners were wearing same dresses of cream color which they had chosen for their big day. Their marriage ceremony was accompanied by the people from media and other couples who came for the hearing. Sara Zabel, the same judge who announced the case in their favor, officiated their wedding. The liberty of marrying a same sex partner was given on Monday morning and they couples did not wanted to wait till the midnight, so that they next day may reverse the court order again. This can be taken as an example to evaluate the desperate urge to have a marriage of own choice.

The bride who cancelled the agreement with wedding Photography Company was so much in hatred for the same sex marriage and couples. A couple either of a man and women or same sex, have a bond of love that holds them together. They are in need of each other’s company and love which forces them to get married and share their lives. An adult and mature person of a highly educated and modern democratic state shall understand the fact that everybody on the earth has a right to choose their path, either good or bad. Only law can forbid them, and the law was registered in favor of same sex marriage in about 36 states of America including Florida. The bride who cancelled the photography agreement was herself getting married, and she shall know the feelings that are attached to one’s marriage. It’s a matter of life and the joys related to life.   She had the right to agree or disagree with anything but to express one’s disagreement this brutal way is not a wise thing. In expressing the thoughts of your mind, you should not cross the lines that might hurt one’s heart.

A gay couple Jeff Delson and Todd May also tied the knots soon after the ban lift in Miami.   They had exchanged wedding bands twelve years ago but were eagerly waiting for the legal right to marry each other. Their patience and struggle paid off and Sara Zabel got them officially married. The couple wore the wedding bands on the left hands now and their statement was ‘this means so much to us’. Jeff and Todd blended their ex-sir names and made it Delmays. The point to ponder is they waited for a long time of twelve years for the state to allow them a same sex marriage. Before Florida, many other states had passed the same law as Florida was the 36th state to do so. Delmays said that they never thought about to move to another state for getting married as they wanted their big day to happen at the place they call home. A couple struggled for a legal right, which speaks of their true love and commitment.

The American Bride who was discussed in the start, wrote to the wedding photography company, Brentwood photography, that she want the advance payment back because her money should not be giving benefit to the same sex marriage supporters. But the photographer turned her down. May be his reply was not expected by the bride. He replied back in sore words and offensive tone that being a citizen of Free State he has the right to support any cause and law. He said now even his company is not interested to work with her. If a person doesn’t like Broccoli, others can do. If you are not eating Broccoli you cannot force other people not to eat that too. Same is the case with a choice to support a same sex marriage. He told her in his reply that according to the agreement the advance payment is non refundable but he won’t keep her money and will charity the money to a group which is made to help and support gay marriages. The lady must be astonished to read the reply.

The whole story discussed in this article is actually a reflection of the social norms. A democratic thought is not only about claiming your rights and enjoying them but it also demands respect and tolerance for other’s rights too. If you do not like a thing set apart from it but do not perform such act which can not only reveal your injustice mind but also hurt others. The act of the bride was very disappointing. This raises a question that freedom of speech and liberty of living one’s dream took the society at a point where you can fire a person from job just because you don’t like the cause they support. Professional and personal lives are two separate things and better kept distant. On a job, a person is nothing but just a professional individual. If their thoughts and actions are wrong let the law deal with it.

Sara Zabel, the judge who stated the ban as unconstitutional was not doing this for herself but for the free citizen of a democratic state. On the other hand the Attorney General of Florida Pam Bondi was defending the ban who also had taken an oath to serve the state with the sovereign power of law. Pam Bondi tried to get extensions on the stay. On the court hearing, an attorney of plaintiffs urged the judge to allow same sex weddings as the ban exhibits unequal rights if citizen in the state which is a matter of shame in front of the world. He spoke for the human rights indeed.

In 2008 general elections, 62 percent of the population of Florida approved the ban as a part of initiative which has been taken for the Florida Family Policy Act. After the ban was taken, the Director of the organization John Stemberger called the court decision illegitimate and was of the view this will be reversed if the case was raised in the Supreme Court of United States. Strengthening his point, he said in a conference in Tallahassee that ‘’The Judges that have found these new rights have made them up out of thin air. They have no history. They have no tradition in our country, and all of a sudden we are redefining marriage’’


The ban on gay marriage was reversed on Monday and about 1200 couples were ready to get married by Tuesday 12:01 am in the midnight. They already had planned to have a wedding on the next day of court hearing which reveals the fact that they had a hope of approval of their wish. The deputy director of Florida, Stratton Pollitzor countered that the fundamental rights are up for the majority votes. There are some proud moments in the history of nations’ when the courts stood up for the rights of minorities. The court room of Miami-Dade proved him right when Sara Zabel said: ‘I am lifting the ban’.

Shannon Milter, an attorney called the ban removal as a pivotal moment for the whole country. Florida was the 36th state to allow same sex marriages which means the urge is from many states. So the same voice would be rising soon from the other states too. The Supreme Court of United States decided to resolve this issue for the whole country at once as the issue is now getting s stance of National issue. Shannon Milter shared his remarks on this act of Supreme Court as there cannot be anything more encouraging.

While thinking of same sex marriages the idea strikes the mind as youngster’s appeal. But that is not the case. A record of applications which were received at the Miami Court House for same sex weddings reported people of all age groups. Also, the mothers of the two ladies (Catherine Pareto and Karla Arguello) were also present at the court hearing and their daughter’s wedding. They stood up on the chairs to see the whole crowd cherishing the legal right and celebrating their daughter’s big day. That was a historic moment which was enough to explain the Florida’s people feeling the joy of a much awaited success. The presence of the mothers of Catherine and Karla was a straight sign that not only the young population but also the elders have accepted the trend and redefined weddings, where you no more are required to follow the traditional path of choosing a partner.

The court order of Judge Sara Zabel strengthened the belief of same sex couples in law and democratic approach of their state. The world is getting advance. Engines replaced the carts, technology made our lives fast and everything seems possible. Though things are getting replaced and lives are changed, so this leads to the change of thinking patterns, life styles and paves way for new theories to life. Either these changes are good or bad, but all those who are accepting these changes will be able to keep pace to the world.