Hello Video Editor,

These are some of the things Liam looks for in his wedding videos.

First Team Videographer  

Please use this as a guideline to edit our wedding videos:

  • No handheld camera. Always maintain the camera on a monopod, tripod, slider, hand-held stabilizer/gimbal, etc. 
  • Microphone – During the ceremony, First look (to hear their expressions), and other important sections.
  • Video is due in 7-10 days. We have been having many issues with videos being delivered late by the video editors. We want to avoid this to deliver on time for the client.
  • We require the edited video and raw footage, both. We are able to provide a prepaid mailer with a USB for you to send us the raw footage. Let us know if you need us to send you one, and what size.
  • We will review your video. We might ask for a few revisions.
  • Make sure to turn in everything on time to get paid. You will get paid after we receive the edited and unedited footage.
  • Payday is every two weeks but we send a payday reminder to the whole team a few days before.
  • Please get lots of “B Roll” video footage. We often need to switch to B-roll and don’t have enough i.e. keep your 2nd videographer shooting everything: outside venue shots; all details; audience reaction, etc.

Video Editing

Some things to keep in mind when editing:

  • Some questions to ask the bride: How do you spell your names? / Any specific details you want in your video? /What songs would you like for your video? Make sure you get at least 1 upbeat song for the party clips.
  • Made drone footage clips about 3 seconds long in the edited video.
  • Add their names to the intro and outro. Avoid any typos. Please use Raleway – Extra light font (see a recent video as an example for font size)
  • Add wedding logo for 15 seconds to the outro so that we can add a CTA (call to action). Find the logo at the bottom of this page.
  • The highlight video length should match around the wedding hours. For example, if their wedding was 8 hours aim to have an 8 minute video. If the video is longer then better yet because we are overdelivering which clients love.
  • Fix color correct as necessary. Especially skin tones.
  • Fix alignment so that lines look straight and not crooked.
  • Don’t show other team members (photographers & videographers) Please alternate between B roll.
  • Please add vows, the “I do” part or any other important sound clips.
  • Add a lot of sliding / panning shots. Avoid hand held clips.
  • The rest be creative as you like!

Some Other Editing Ideas

We like variety in videos. These are some more ideas:

  • Slow motion clips in the important parts like: first kiss, walking down the aisle, couple photos, first dance, etc.
  • Detail shots: flowers, cake, table, etc.
  • Fade color to black and white
  • And anything else you think the client might like!

Longer Cinematic Video

Before editing call the client on the telephone. These are the questions we want you ask the client if they request a longer cinematic video (30 – 45 minutes):

  • What parts are the most important? Ex. Vows, speeches, dances
  • Because it’s a longer video, what other songs would they like? (Try to get three songs, one song being upbeat for the dance portion).
  • In general include more of everything. Ceremony, speeches, dances, party, etc.

Perfect Wedding Video

The reason why we really like this video is because it’s like watching a movie. Everything is well done. The shots, the editing, the sound, just everything is perfect. We understand their pricing is high due to the quality they offer, but just aim to always improve your projects. Check out the description box to see the equipment they use.

Please aim to get something similar to this. It’s a perfect wedding video with no errors! It’s the perfect example :))

– Alyssa & Josh – Murphy – Burroughs House from MVD Films on Vimeo.

Video with Drone

If the client requests drone, we would like 3 different shots:

  1. Before ceremony, flyover of venue
    1. See from 0:06
  2. During ceremony, flyover of ceremony area
    1. See 1:48

3. During couple photos – flyover of them alone, kissing, walking, etc.

See from 3:55 on the video below:



Wedding Logo

Use this wedding logo to add at the end of the videos for 15-20 seconds. It has white font so use a black background.


For future videos, can you please use 16×9 aspect ratio and not the wider cinematic format.
And make sure there is at least 15-20 seconds of just my logo showing at the end of the videos.
I would like this because we want to be able to add “end screen” call to actions on YouTube.
The CTA’s direct the viewer at the end of our videos to watch more of our videos.
The CTAs really do increase viewership of our videos — I’ve looked at the stats.
If the aspect ratio is not 16×9 or there is not at least 15-20 seconds of logo time, YouTube does not allow you to place CTA’s.
Example – you can see the next 2 videos to watch at the end:



We really like when you match the pace of the video to the beat of the music.  Alex Rios did this one.

Example:  at about 27 seconds at this video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b17xcOxVW4U&feature=youtu.be


Please contact Rosy at Production@LiamCrotty.com if you have any questions!