On January 18th 2013, Mary and Gene walked down the aisle together. Liam Crotty, a Miami wedding photographer, had the honor of photographing their exquisite Indian wedding. Each and every frame tells the story of a love that’s pure and sincere; a story that comes into being in an idyllic setting.

For a wedding photographer, an Indian wedding is, according to Liam, “a dream come true”. It’s the perfect combination of tradition and celebration. “I adore everything from the vibrant colors to the energetic dances”.

One of the most fascinating traditions of an Indian wedding is decorating the bride with the art of Mehndi, meaning blessings on the skin. Mehndi, better known as henna, carries a deep symbolism in Indian culture. The elaborate patterns used for Indian weddings are among the most beautifully executed designs. Covering the skin like lace, they express femininity and sophistication.

The bride and groom, Mary and Gene, are “the epitome of class”, says Liam. “Everything about them resonated refinement: their character, their manners, their attire.” Devoted and organized, they managed to plan their wedding festivities to perfection, detail by detail.

“Every little thing was taken into consideration. The wedding day was flawless”, says Liam. Mary and Gene changed their wardrobe during the reception, honoring both Indian and Western culture.

To host their Indian wedding festivities, the couple chose Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina. The staff is professional and extremely attentive to everyone’s needs. The venue offers a superb waterfront setting. “Both wedding photographers and brides love working with the element of water”, says Liam.

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