When you smile from ear to ear until your cheeks hurt, when you’re soul laughs along, you know it’s love. From the first smile they exchanged, Nedge and Steve knew they were perfect for each other, just like “peas and carrots”-Forest Gump.

On October 10th, Nedge and Steve declared their love and became husband and wife. Two Miami wedding photographers from team Liam, Diana and Erik had the pleasure of photographing the themed wedding of “an adventurous and ever smiling couple”, as wedding photographer Diana describes them.

Nedge and Steve turned one of their favorite movies, Forest Gump, into a themed wedding. The couple decided to go for a more unconventional and unique setting: Bubba Gump Shrimp, a restaurant and market in Ford Lauderdale.

“Bubba Gump is a rather small venue, but with a welcoming, heart-warming atmosphere. I really enjoyed photographing Nedge and Steve’s themed wedding there. Through the lenses of my camera I could observe how relaxed and at home they felt”, says Diana.

Not wanting to give up the glamorous part of their wedding, the couple also celebrated at the Bahia Mar, Fort Lauderdale. 44 acres along the Intercoastal Waterway offered breathtaking views of the restless waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the marina.

“Me, Erik and our cameras had the best of two worlds at this wedding. We embraced the variety and the unusual. We worked with a movie inspired décor and a tropical corner of paradise. We loved every minute of it!”, says wedding photographer Diana.

Erik also enjoyed photographing Nedge and Steve’s themed wedding. He feels that “the entire bridal party was easy to photograph. They let everything go and focusing on having fun. The sincerity of their smiles, and the love in their eyes, says it all”.

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