All couples want a wedding that’s unique; a wedding that will be the talk of the town. Wedding photographer, Liam, had the opportunity of attending and photographing such a wedding on October 10th, 2015. The protagonists were Michael and Tatiana.

“There are some couples you instantly love when you have them in front of your camera. Michael and Tatiana are one of those couples that think outside the box”, says Liam. “What I loved about them, is the creative freedom they offered us, their wedding photographers. We had the opportunity to come up with poses ideas, and explore and exploit every spectacular corner the house had to offer.”

One of the great things about this wedding, the detail that gave the wedding reception a touch of individuality, was the location. Some friends of the family donated the use of their home in Fort Lauderdale for Michael and Tatiana’s wedding reception. As soon as our Miami wedding photographers stepped foot into the house, they were taken aback by the luxury and opulence of its décor and architecture. The house was filled with antiques, spectacular fabrics and furniture.

In a décor that’s characterized by the use of dark color and excessive ornamentation, the couple was a breath of fresh air in front of our wedding photographers’ objectives. “It was fun working with the contrast. The interior décor of the house offered us a lot of possibilities.”

However, it was not only the interior that amazed. The landscape around the Fort Lauderdale house offered a whole different setting. The entire house was an experience, every corner you turned, there was a spectacle waiting to be admired, to be captured. Our wedding photographers had a great time discovering its every detail with Michael and Tatiana.


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