Some of our clients request to see a sample wedding contract before signing up with us, here it is:



Wedding Date:_____________________________________

Sunset Time: _______________(please confirm this!)

  Clients First & Last Name(s)/Phone #:

Bride: _____________________________________________

Brides #:___________________________________________ Groom:____________________________________________

Grooms #:_________________________________________

 Client(s) Mailing Address:____________________________________________________________________________

 Social Media (optional): FB:_________________________                    IG:____________________________________

             Getting Ready @: __________________________________ Ceremony @:______________________________________

Reception @:______________________________________ Size of Wedding:___________________________________

             Details of Package:                                           Package Pricing:

___________________________________________________ _________________

___________________________________________________ _________________

___________________________________________________ _________________

___________________________________________________ _________________

___________________________________________________ _________________

___________________________________________________ _________________

             Total Contract Amount: _________________

Deposit Paid: _________________

Final Balance Due 30 Days Before Event: _________________

If you choose to leave a deposit that is less than 50% of the invoice, we do ask that you continue to make regular weekly/bi-weekly or monthly payments so we see that the invoice is being paid down. 

               *Final payment due 30 days prior to the event.*

  • Other fees: The other fees are parking/valet for each photographer and videographer when applicable. Also entrance fees if the location you choose requires it. Paid directly by client day of, or can be billed before or later.
  • No photos, albums or video will be released until the entire contract has been paid in full
  • This is a Package Price – meaning that items cannot be taken out of a package in the future. 
  • Package includes standard editing, not image altering. See page 3.
  • Studio provides edited photos only. Not the unedited.
  • If your venue requires a custom certificate of liability, we require 30 days advance notice before your event date.  _______________

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The terms and conditions on the next two pages are hereby made part of this contract. By signing, you acknowledge that you read and agreed to these terms. We reserve the right to correct any clinical errors.


Bride’s Signature


Groom’s Signature


 Liam Crotty/Owner of Photo & Video by Liam, LLC

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Wedding Photography Contract – Terms and Conditions

Definition of Client/s:  The person/s whose signature(s)  appear(s) on the reverse side shall be the Client/s for this contract, shall be the one/s to whom Photo & Video by Liam, LLC delivers its products, and shall be financially responsible for all payments to be made under this contract.  This contract incorporates the entire understanding of the parties, and any modifications to it must be in writing and signed both by Photo & Video by Liam, LLC and by the Client/s.

Exclusive Photographer and/or videographer:  It is agreed that Photo & Video by Liam, LLC  (“the photographer and/or videographer”) will be the exclusive commercial photographer providing still prints for or at this event.  Others may take photographs or record video as long as they do not interfere with the duties of the Photographer and do not photograph or record poses arranged by the Photographer.  It is agreed that interference from others, paid or unpaid, who attempt to photograph or record the same poses or scenes during the same time period as the Photographer may detract from the quality of the Photographer’s images, and may be cause for the Photographer to cease work until such interference ends.  The Photographer will not be responsible for time or images missed as a result of such interference.  

Copyright – The client has copyright permission and rights to use the digital image files as they wish.    It is agreed that Photo & Video by Liam, LLC  shall own the copyright to all images created through this contract.   The Client/s may purchase all prints/enlargements and/or images on their own.   Unauthorized copying or use of the Photographer’s images is an infringement of Federal Copyright Law and a violation of this contract.

Prices:   The prices for contracted items are those shown on the contract.  These prices shall be in effect for a period of twelve months after the date of the event.  For any additional items, or for contracted items not fully specified or ordered by Client/s until after the twelve-month date (“late orders”), prices shall be those in the Photographer’s regular price list in effect at the time any such additional late order is made. 

Albums – if you purchased an album with your wedding package, you will have  up to 6 months from your wedding date to complete image selection, design & edits.  After 6 months, we cannot guarantee we will still have your photos and there may be a price increase from the lab.

Service Level Agreement (SLA):  I try to provide a very high level of service to my clients.  The day before your wedding and the day of, of course, I’m available for last-minute calls and texts.  Leading up to and after your wedding, email 

is the best way to communicate and I try to reply within 24 hours.  If it takes me a little longer, please be assured that I will respond.  Thanks!

Personnel:  The Studio may substitute photographers in the event of a photographer’s illness or incapacity.  In the event of such substitution, the Studio warrants that the photographer taking the photographs shall be a competent professional.  The Studio may utilize one or more assistants at the event, and such assistant(s) may also take photographs under the supervision of a principal photographer.

Non-refundable Payments:  Once we reserve a date for the Client, we cease to sell our services for this date to others.  If the event is canceled, we suffer a loss.  If the contract is canceled by the client, payments made by the Client are not refundable under any circumstances, and will be considered as liquidated damages, to be retained by us.  If we are able to re-book a date for which we received a cancellation, we may at our sole discretion provide a photography credit to the Client for what, in our judgment, is a reasonable portion of any payments made by the Client.  If the client chooses to dispute this term, the jurisdiction (also called the venue) for the dispute will be Lee County, Florida.

Chargebacks & Reverse Charges – the client agrees that canceling their event or wedding does not allow them to reverse charges on their credit or debit card for our contracted services.  And that the photo studio may present this contract to their credit card company to have the money returned to the studio.

Photographer Liability and Performance:  The Photographer takes great care with respect to the exposure, processing, and delivery of photographs.  In the event the Photographer cannot comply with the terms of this contract due to negligence, oversight, accident, error, omission, any other avoidable or unavoidable circumstance, whether caused by the Photographer or otherwise, the photographer/s liability for this or any other circumstance shall be limited to the amount paid up to that time by the Client/s. The Photographer does not guarantee to capture any particular image(s) or meet any particular aesthetic criteria as part of its performance under this contract.  In addition, Failure by the Client/s to make any payment as and when agreed shall release the Photographer from any further responsibility under this contract, without the responsibility to return any monies previously paid TO IT under this contract.  Also, please note that we do need to keep unedited, raw photos or video in our archives for very long and we do not commit to providing unedited content unless specifically stated in your contract.


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Wedding Photography Contract – Terms and Conditions (cont.)

Coverage: Total # of hours covered as specified on the contract.  Hours are “continuous” – meaning that the total # of hours is from our start time to end time (and includes travel time in between locations).  Coverage by Photographer will begin with the bride and groom’s preparations and shall be continuous through the reception or as requested.  The coverage will be in color.  Images will be captured digitally.

Photos Presentation:  We aim to deliver about 50 retouched/edited images per hour of our contract e.g. a 6 hour contract you would receive about 300 retouched/edited images. And 80 images/hour w/2 photographers.  If we post your images somewhere online, the files will bear a watermark but the digital files we deliver to you will bear no watermark.

Editing – All of our weddings include professional editing of the images including:  alignment, cropping, exposure, contrast, white balance, color correction, red eye removal. With close-up shots of the bride or groom we will also do eye & teeth whitening and light skin “softening” to remove some blemishes and wrinkles.  Image Altering – Image altering is not editing and is not included in your base price. Examples include: weight reduction or “slimming”, neck tucks, extreme wrinkle reduction, tattoo removal, head or eye swaps, adding or removing people or objects from images, or extensive cosmetic image enhancement.  This is an additional service and is only performed when requested by the client. We will review the image and what you’d like done and provide a quote for this service.

Finished Prints:  You may order additional finished prints from the proof images as you wish, and these will be billed separately, at an additional charge and at the studio’s then current prices.  Your edited electronic images will be retained by me in my archive.  To make room, we periodically have to delete old events after about 2 years. USB THUMB DRIVE :  You will receive either a USB thumb drive or an electronic download of your high-resolution, edited, digital  images.  We do not provide the RAW, unedited digital files.

Non-Disparagement clause: both parties agree to a “non-disparagement clause” which means both parties (including family, friends, agents, etc) will not leave negative feedback about either party, the Client and Photo & Video by Liam, LLC, Liam Crotty, Wedding Photo & Video by Liam or Liam Crotty Photography online, in writing or social media sites and apps or you could be held liable for damages, specifically:  The parties to this Contract agree to refrain from disparaging the other party in any manner, and in any format, verbal, written or digital, nor otherwise take any action which could reasonably be expected to adversely affect the other party’s personal or professional reputation. The parties agree that damages to said party’s reputation caused by any such disparagement would be substantial (equal to 10 times the average gross income of the last two tax returns for Photo & Video by Liam LLC) and agree damages to be awarded to the party against whom such disparagement was committed by the court in Lee County, Florida which has jurisdiction over the parties and the subject matter herein.  Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary Legal Definition of disparagement: the publication of false and injurious statements that are derogatory of another’s property, business, or product.

Capturing Specific Images:  We have a low-key, non-directive style of coverage.  Although we take some classic, “formal”, posed images, we do not take responsibility for “rounding up” family or friends for these images.  If specific images are important to you, you might want to consider tapping a friend or family member to help us organize these groups.  This involves someone who knows the different people by sight (we don’t).  We  try to “check in” several times with our clients as the event unfolds and do our best to respond to their requests for image-making.  However, we are  not responsible for keeping track of completed images.  Please be aware that the pace of events as your day unfolds or changes in weather or other conditions may cause us to have to change the number and type of images we  capture, and we  cannot be responsible for capturing any specific image.

Destination Weddings – Please be advised that if you are planning a destination wedding, some resorts and hotels have strict rules about using outside photographers i.e. they try to get you to use their staff photographers.  For example, some all-inclusive resorts require the client to pay a “day fee” to allow an outside photographer on-site.   Please contact your representative at your wedding venue and make these arrangements in advance of your wedding day.

Videography – Our basic videography package includes an edited highlight video (unless otherwise specified)  which is about 1 minute in length for each hour we are filming e.g. a 6 hour contract will result in about a 6 minute edited highlight video.   Other video options include:   all the raw video footage, a longer cinematic video, drone and a social media 60 second video.  You will have up to 6 weeks after we deliver your edited video if you would like a few minor changes.  Minor edits include: deleting a clip you don’t like; changing a song; adding a clip not included, etc.  We do not keep unedited video footage for more than 6 months.


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