Days and years pass on and leave memories of the moments which were the crux of the joy of life. Photography is the best way to save the moments and remind the best times of life. A photograph is not just a print of a moment but it is a flash back which let a person to enjoy the happiness and pleasure linked to that moment. People have always been capturing the best moments of their lives for the revival of that time later. Wedding is one the most awaited and precious occasions of life. A couple and their families take a long time for wedding planning and preparation. Photography is an essential part of a wedding which stores the cherished and happy moments.

A bride adores herself on her big day in the wedding dress. The day of wedding is a day of dreams coming true. While having the photography session, a bride with her groom tries to pose every way which best stores their special day. A photograph is a memory and the wedding photography album is a collection of memories from the big day. With the fashion and modernization of social trends the wedding photography trends have also changed. This article will list some new and old must to have poses for wedding photography.

 The Wedding Dress Picture:

The first picture for wedding photography must be of the wedding dress. While watching a historic movie one might have noticed that the first scene often starts with a still picture of the house or castle on which the story is based. The picture of the wedding dress is a pictorial representation of the feeling which the bride had when she saw her dress for the first time. This is a feeling that causes the heart to beat faster.

This pose is very popular in brides but some wedding albums also have the wedding dress picture of the groom. However it depends on the willingness and choice of the couple.


Getting Ready:


The bride and the groom must ask their photographers to shoot their moments while getting ready for the wedding day. When the groom’s friends, ties the knot of his neck tie and bride is having her make-up, the still shoot shall catch the moments. The photography poses while getting ready are must to have and complete the wedding album.

The wedding photography album is not just a photo album but a pictorial representation of each moment in the wedding. The day brings a lot of feelings together for a bride of leaving one’s family, getting committed and taking the responsibility of sharing her joys, sorrows and also standing by the groom in all the thick and thin of life. As the time passes on, a lot of new things are added to the life making the space shortened for the old memories. When a couple needs a break from the tough routine of fast life a look at the wedding photos let them enjoy that special time again.

Wedding Rings Pose:



Two metal rings fix a strong bond between a couple. The wedding ring is the identity on one’s hand that it enough to tell the world ‘she is taken’. A photo which shows the wedding rings of a couple compliments the wedding album. The photo can be taken in a lot of ways. Some photographers asks the couple to show their hands up hiding the face, while some take the rings photo in the jewelry case. It depends on the couple’s choice as well. Whatever the pose may be, but the picture of wedding rings is also very important for the wedding photography album.

Bridal Details Pose:

A portrait which shows the small details of the bride is very important and looks awesome. The small things a bridal does to herself for her big day must take a place in the wedding photography album. This could be a close up or a portrait. Bride’s hairstyle, ear rings, necklace and make over all are important in making her look like a princess on the big day. She do a lot of planning for these all things, thus a photo which covers them is necessary for the wedding album.

Some photographers often ask the bride to look to the sky, floor, flowers or any distant place to capture the expressions along the bridal details. Expressions are equally important in each photograph as they depict the inner feelings of the bride. She had been waiting for the life of her man to change her life. The wedding day is the time so she holds her breath with every step she takes to the wedding hall.

Accessories of Bride:

The all bridal accessories must be captures altogether to add another memory. This photo can be taken before the bride had worn them. The photograph can consist of the accessories like jewelry, perfume, clutch, shoes and make-up items.




Same photograph can also be captured of the groom’s accessories.

A complete look:

The bride and the groom dress up at their best choice for their wedding day. A photograph which covers the whole look of the bride and groom is one of the must to have poses. It shows the each and every thing which the couple wears.



The photograph with complete pose is often taken with a light and dull background so that the bride and groom appear focused and catches the eye at the first look.


Bridal’s Portrait

A still shoot that worth all the preparations done for the big day. A portrait pose of the bride and groom separate and together is one of the essentials of the wedding album. A bride posing with the dignity and confidence of being taken deserves a place in the heart of her man.




The portrait of bride can be taken in many styles and angles making her look ready for the new journey.

Wedding Bouquet:

A sweet picture of the bride holding her wedding bouquet deserves a place in the wedding album. A wedding is love contract to walk along with your partner on the road of life in all seasons, joys of spring and sorrows of autumn. The bride posing with wedding Bouquet is actually indicating that her heart chose the path of dreams and her wedding turned those dreams into reality.


Wedding Bouquet



Posing with the Bridesmaids:

Reminding the fun a bride did with her bridesmaid on the wedding day can bring a smile on her lips and tears in her eyes. She would love to recall the memories she had with them before getting married. Posing in fun with the bridesmaid is also a must to have picture in the wedding album.


Posing with the Bridesmaids

The picture can be taken in many poses. Funny and cute props can also be used while posing for the photograph. These moments of fun captured with the camera lens worth a memory for the life time.

Posing with the Family:


Posing with the Family

The journey of a new life ends up making family. A couple ends up making a family and that’s the custom and tradition of the world since its inception. On the big day a photograph of bride with her family will always remind her of their love and care. A mother’s care, father’s strength and the fun she had with her siblings are irreplaceable. Posing with the family members for the wedding photography album is a collection of all those never fading memories she had with her family since ever.

The family photograph is usually taken in a group. Individual pictures with each member of family are also a good idea. A family portrait can be hanged with frame in the living area of home to surround one’s self with the faces who are away but not from the heart.


Pre-ceremony Moments:

There are many moments leading to the ceremony which are important to be captured by the camera lens. A bride’s first look at herself, her smiles and the reaction of bridesmaids and siblings after seeing her all moments deserve a still shoot.


Pre-ceremony Moments


These moments are captured with natural poses. As a bride looks in to the mirror her inner feelings will bring a glow on her face and the photographer just captures that. Anyhow a bride may even pose with her choice for the Preceremony shoot.

 First Look at the Groom

The most beautiful moment on the big day is when the bride looks at the groom for the first time. She dedicates her heart, love and soul to a man. All the wedding day preparations are an announcement of her decision to hold his hands forever.


First Look at the Groom


One of the must to have poses for bride for the wedding album is of the moment when she sees him. The feelings of ‘taken’ arouse at the moment. The candid shot is very important.

The Selfie Pose:

The selfie pose cannot be ignored. Credit goes to the mobile phones that made the selfie trend popular. Selfie trend and the selfie pose are both at the peak. A wedding photography album looks incomplete without this pose.


The Selfie Pose


The bride or the groom holds the phone with front camera on; to take her selfie and the wedding photographer takes her picture from the side. All wedding photographers ask the brides to pose this way, or bride does that with her choice.

Traditional Pose:

A bride posing for the photograph in a traditional way looks the cutest. Wedding is a traditional occasion though the modern practices have replaced the traditional ones but still a wedding album can never considered to be complete without a traditional pose of bride. The traditional pose shows the shy and emotional bride waiting for the groom.




Dramatic Pose:

A pose of bride dramatically looking to something looks good in the photo album. The dramatic pose is never out of the trend. The traditional photography and the modern as well, both give keen importance to the dramatic poses of the bride. Most of the weddings are held in the grounds in the spring season which is a beautiful place for the photography.

A brides poses with the natural sceneries creates awesome dramatic photographs. 

The Aisle Walk:


The Aisle Walk


The Aisle walk is the most important walk of a women’s life. Every step of her walk takes closer to the new life. The groom, family and friends, and the guests everyone is looking at her. A bride is the most important lady of the event who remains the center of attraction for all the people attending the ceremony. While she walks to the wedding hall, her natural poses are captured in the camera roll so that later she can see what everybody else was seeing.

In weddings the bride is often confused about her appearance and the day so that she doesn’t get a chance to witness the ceremony. The wedding photography album is the best way for her to see the moments of her life changing.

Special Traditions:

Special Traditions

The wedding photographers have their eyes on the special and traditional moments of a wedding and capture them as they happen. The special beauty in those pictures is for the natural expressions, laughs and acts. Those pictures look extremely natural and appealing to the heart.

Cake cutting ceremony, rings ceremony and signing the wedding papers are also the part of those traditional and precious moments. The photographs of special traditions of the wedding day are important part of the wedding album and please everyone who later sees them.


Posing with the Groom:

Posing with the Groom

At the end of the ceremony when all the traditional things are done, there comes the most beautiful part of the photo shoot, the bride’s informal shoot with the groom. This part of wedding photography holds so much fun and laugh. The bride poses with her newly-wed husband to decorate the album with moments of dedication and love.